Monday, March 1, 2010

Childhood Fear

As a child, i grew up with the great fear and paranoia of witches. All the way from Kindergarten to third grade, i had nightmares of a tiny witch, flying in on her broom and onto the patio of my house. As to this day, i can distinctly remember the images of the frightening dreams. Many movies, like "The Wizard of Ozz", featured the supernatural and evil presence of witches. I can remember hiding behind the couch everytime the Wicked Witch rode in on her broom! In the novel "Lord of the Flies", the boys on the island dreamt about 'the beastie' and hardly questioned the existence of the creature. In similarity, i had complete faith that witches were real and even thought about it in my sleep. As for today, i laugh at my past actions over a fear that was created simply by imagination.